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Our team of teachers is a true reflection of diversity, expertise and unwavering professionalism. Each instructor brings their unique style, personality and passion to the studio, creating a rich tapestry of experiences for our students. Highly qualified and dedicated, they have undergone extensive training and possess deep knowledge of various yoga, meditation, healing and breathwork. Beyond their technical proficiency, our teachers embody a genuine love and passion for what they do and a deep commitment to guiding others on their wellness journey. They create a safe and nurturing environment, encouraging students to explore their potential, honour their bodies and cultivate inner peace and balance. With their unwavering dedication, our teachers inspire and empower our community, ensuring that every practice is a transformative, unique and enriching experience.


Maria Nicola Cristiano

Founder of Astraea London | Mindset Coach | Meditation & Mindfulness Teacher |Healing Soundbaths Facilitator | Reiki & Theta Healer 

Maria Nicola Cristiano, the visionary founder of Astraea London and a renowned figure in the field of holistic well-being. With her innate ability to guide individuals towards transformation, Maria has established herself as a sought-after transformational coach, a popular healer and an in-demand meditation and mindfulness teacher.

With a deep understanding of the mind-body connection, Maria has dedicated her life to helping others unlock their full potential and cultivate a sense of profound inner peace. Her compassionate and intuitive approach empowers individuals to navigate life's challenges, overcome limitations and create lasting positive change.

As the founder of Astraea London, Maria has created a sanctuary where individuals can embark on a holistic journey of self-discovery and healing. Her exceptional coaching skills, combined with her expertise in various healing modalities, create a transformative space for individuals to thrive and unlock their true potential.

Maria's expertise as a coach, healer, meditation and mindfulness teacher is widely recognised and sought-after. Through her guidance, individuals learn to cultivate present-moment awareness, manage stress and cultivate a deep connection with themselves and the world around them.

With a remarkable ability to tap into the essence of each individual, Maria brings a unique blend of compassion, wisdom and authenticity to her work. Her dedication to personal growth and ongoing learning ensures that she remains at the forefront of her field, constantly evolving and expanding her knowledge to better serve her clients and students.

Whether you are seeking profound transformation, healing  or a deeper connection with yourself, Maria is the trusted guide who will support you on your journey. Join her at Astraea London and experience the power of her transformative coaching, healing and mindfulness teachings, as she empowers you to create a life of fulfilment, balance, and well-being!


Andreia Ornelas


Shamanic Kundalini Activator | Cacao Ceremony Facilitator | Soundbath & Healing Meditation Guide 

Meet Andreia, a radiant soul and a passionate guide on the path of self-discovery and transformation.  As a Shamanic Kundalini Activator, she weaves ancient wisdom and modern practices to ignite the dormant energies within, empowering individuals to unlock their true potential. With a tender touch and a loving presence, Andreia facilitates profound Cacao Ceremonies, inviting participants to savor the heart-opening elixir of cacao and embark on inner journeys of healing and connection.

As a Soundbath & Healing Meditation Guide, Andreia creates ethereal landscapes of sound, where healing vibrations harmonize the body, mind, and soul. Through her celestial symphonies, she leads participants into states of deep relaxation and inner peace, fostering a space for profound rejuvenation and soulful exploration.

Driven by a heartfelt desire to uplift and empower, Andreia's journey has led her to be a beacon of light for those seeking soulful awakening and healing. Her authentic presence and genuine compassion provide a safe haven for personal growth and expansion. Embrace the guidance of this luminous spirit, and embark on a transformative journey of self-discovery and self-love with Andreia.


Tor Njamo

Spiritual Practitionar

Crystal & Sound Energy Healer

Psychic and Tarot Reader

Tor is a multidisciplinary spiritual practitioner who seamlessly integrates a broad spectrum of holistic practices into a cohesive approach to wellness and self-discovery. Drawing upon an extensive background in coaching, psychology, visual meditation, breathwork, psychism and tarot, along with the nuanced energies of color, crystal, and sound healing, he offers a rich, transformative experience for those on a journey towards self-improvement and spiritual alignment.

Operating at the confluence of the human and the spiritual realms, Tor is dedicated to guiding individuals toward heightened states of awareness, confidence and embodied spirituality. Through his work, clients are invited into a process of profound healing and self-discovery, fostering a deeper connection with their inner selves and unlocking the door to a more intuitive way of living.

Tor is particularly adept at curating spaces that encourage reflection, healing and a more intimate connection with one's intuition. These carefully designed environments serve as sanctuaries where individuals can learn to navigate their lives from a place of stillness and inner peace, rather than being swept away by the tumult of everyday existence.

With over six years of experience teaching group classes and workshops, Tor has brought intuitive and restorative healing practices to a variety of spaces across London. His commitment to facilitating personal transformation and spiritual awakening has made him a beloved figure among those seeking to explore the depths of their being and embrace a more holistic approach to living.

Tor's's approach is characterised by a profound respect for the individual journey of each client, an unwavering belief in the power of holistic healing and a deep commitment to creating magical, transformative experiences that resonate on a soul level.


Natalia Antypenko

Kundalini Activation-Inner Dance & Cacao Ceremony  Facilitator

Natalia is a dedicated facilitator specializing in Kundalini Yoga, Inner Dance, and Cacao Ceremonies. With a profound passion for spiritual and holistic practices, Natalia brings a unique blend of transformative techniques to our studio.


Her journey began years ago when she discovered the powerful effects of Kundalini Yoga on personal energy and consciousness. Inspired to delve deeper, she expanded her expertise to Inner Dance, exploring the realms of intuitive movement and sound healing. Natalia is also trained in conducting sacred Cacao Ceremonies, which she uses to open hearts and foster deep communal connections.


Her sessions are crafted to nurture the mind, body and spirit, providing a safe space for individuals to explore and grow under her compassionate guidance.

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