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Looking for a unique way to celebrate life’s special moments? Our studio is pioneering spiritually based private events that are like no other! Whether you're planning a birthday soiree, anniversary celebration, romantic escape, or a hen/stag party with a twist, we've got you covered. And don’t miss out on our women’s and men’s circles, designed to uplift and empower.

Imagine celebrating in a space that not only vibes with your soul but also elevates your spirit. Our events are crafted to offer an unforgettable experience, blending fun with deep, meaningful connections.


Here's what we offer:

Birthday Soirees: Celebrate your big day with spiritual flair, surrounded by love, light, and laughter.

Anniversary Soirees: Commemorate your love story in a serene setting that strengthens your bond and recharges your relationship.

Romantic Escapes: Escape the everyday and dive into a romantic adventure that feeds your soul and rekindles your spark.

Hen Parties: Gather your squad for a spiritual twist on the classic hen party, filled with activities that celebrate your journey and sisterhood.

Stag Parties: Step away from the usual and experience a stag party that’s not just a night out but a soul-enriching experience.

Women’s Circles: Join a circle of powerful women, sharing, healing, and growing together in a sacred space.

Men’s Circles: Connect with like-minded men, embracing strength, vulnerability, and brotherhood.

At Astraea London, we believe in celebrating with purpose and creating memories that resonate on a deeper level. Be ready for these unique, spiritually charged events that everyone is talking about and let's create magic together!

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